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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Food & Drink Guides, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

How often does this guide come out?
Each regional guide is published once a year, so you get twelve months advertising in the printed guides and across our digital platforms for one fee.
My venue is located between two regions, what should I do?
You can choose which region you'd prefer, or you can go in both.
Will I get some guides to distribute?
Yes, we can send you a box of guides.
How do you quantify the results?
Each individual venue in the guide is assigned an 084 number. These enable readers to call your restaurant at a local rate, no matter where they are (mobile charges vary) and we can provide you with call statistics.
How much do the guides cost?
They are free to pick up.
Who are the journalists?
They are freelance journalists, located within your region.
Do I have to use them or can I submit my own copy?
You can either use a journalist, submit your own copy, or we can ask one of our in-house editorial team to write your review. We're happy to be flexible, to ensure that you get the best description to promote your venue.
Who reads the guides?
The majority of the guide readers are affluent professionals who dine out more than four times a month. Their household earns over £75,000 per year and they don't mind paying slightly more for a quality product. You can find out more about our readership here.
The region which my venue is in is vast, will there be a way of searching by both cuisine type and location?
Yes, our guides are all ordered by cuisine type and then colour coded by location so they are easy to navigate.

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