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Our hungry and tech-savvy audience is often on the go, so we created a free app for both Android and iPhone users that allows access to the whole database of restaurants reviews, and they love it! How do we know this? Well, the guys over at Macworld have awarded our Restaurant Guide App the number one spot, for a start.

Using the latest mobile location technology, roaming diners can easily view and browse their nearest eateries based on their current location. Download it here and try it out for yourself.


  • The UK's leading restaurant guide app, featuring over 6,000 reviews - that's three times as many as Harden's and ten times as many as the AA

  • When searching 'restaurant reviews', 'restaurant guides', 'pub reviews' and even 'cafĂ© reviews' on the App Store, our app is the top result

  • App Store staff voted it a favourite for over 20 weeks

  • Search by current location, intended destination, cuisine type and establishment name. Locations of results can be viewed using the map feature

  • Save favourites and share with friends via social media

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App Store Search Statistics

Here are just a few examples of where we rank in various key searches:

Search Term
'Restaurant Guide'
1st (Time Out is 4th. The AA Restaurant Guide is 5th. TripAdvisor and Harden's are not in the top ten)
'Restaurant Reviews'
1st (TripAdvisor is 2nd. Toptable is 6th)
'Pub Reviews'
1st (Harden's is 9th. The AA Pub Guide and TripAdvisor are not in the top 25)
'Cafe Reviews'
'Food Reviews'
'Eating Out'
'Dining Out'
'Pub Guide'
Google Play (for Android)
'Restaurant Guides UK'
'Restaurant Guide'

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